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    Send me to the salt mines now because I refuse to continue my formal education anymore!  This is more complex than a Rubiks Cube shape like George Washington's dental work.  Good and Holy God end me now!

    Okay, vent over.  If you're curious about my sudden white flagging I just got back from a meeting at the school with my mom about my whole college credit stuff.  I almost lost it when I was told that I need to take COLLEGE level classes to save some money.  Do I have a choice?  No, because if I want to afford a future then I have to take the ACT in June-during summer break no less!-and take duel enrollment classes to afford college proper.  My life now officially sucks and I haven't even lived it yet!

    Kyrie Eleison

                                                                                                                               -Ever a drama queen, Vixel Spessemper
Nothing and Everything: An Analytical Record




        Research Notes #1-17:

                June 12, 2148 Pre-Divine Era

                Niholia, Lorivia, Location #3 of 35

                Ivanius Amadeus Spessemper, Head of the UR Administration

    Auspicious greetings to whomever may read these most insightful and thorough notes on the ‘individual’ known as Vixel Spessemper.  If you have managed to access these files through unfavorable means, whether it be by hacking, breaking, or simple trickery, it is my duty to inform you that there is currently a contingent of Mechanized Defense Units approaching your location with the programmed intention of eliminating all thermal or sub-thermal targets in the area.  No, you cannot out smart them.  I hand built the original Crusader units by myself and have repeated this practice with all of the improved versions thus far.  However you might be able to forcefully ‘deactivate’ them if you have the skill, though I highly doubt it.

    If you have obtained these files through the correct means or managed to deactivate the Crusader units then I shall continue with the notes.  Be warned; content may be somewhat disturbing in nature and will contain concepts of multi-universal existence, i. e. different versions of one entity.  The entity in particular that these notes are found around is one Vixel Spessemper, renowned magus, Head of the Holy Order of the Rose, Abyssal Deity, and philanthropist.  I, of course, use the term philanthropist very loosely.

    As many members of the DSC may be aware, the Vixel of your world frequently refers to himself as an angel.  This, however, is a falsehood born of ignorance and misinterpretation.  Angels are factually unable to have free will that humans and many other Sentients are born with.  More accurately, angels risk a great deal by giving into such free wills and vices.  See Lucifer for more details.

    By this logic one could determine that Lightning, the Demon of the DSC, is also a fake celestial entity.  One would be right in this assumption.  One could determine these two, an angel and a demon, to be artificial beings created in a flawed, mortal image that, while they are indeed powerful representations, are not in fact true celestial beings.

    I mention this to further differentiate between the Vixel of the DSC and the Vixel of my world.  One is a deity of great power and the other is a Dragon in denial.  These simple facts are what make them different.  One is old, the other is immortal and thus can’t die even he wanted.  Perhaps we can start with the God.

    The Vixel of Niholia is certifiably insane.  Or rather, he has sacrificed his guilt in trade for what shreds of sanity he clings to.  Murder, theft, lies; none of them fill him with the slightest remorse for who can judge a God?  Does that justify his actions?  Not in the slightest.  But at the least one can say that he is determined.  To what end I cannot say, and by that I mean that’s a far too personal matter to put on paper.  His desires change and shift like the sand in the desert.  I relieved myself of trying to comprehend his logic long ago but from what I do understand to him all is a giant play.  He entertains himself with plays of his own making with ordinary people as his actors.  Perhaps this is Niholia’s purpose, to be a sandbox for a demented God.  However, if this was so then the planet would’ve been rotted and gone long.  I did say that his guilt was gone but his compassion is grossly intact.  Onward before I start trying to think about it too much.

    The Vixel of the DSC world is much more docile if lacking in desire to be with another organism at all.  This Vixel has a clear goal, protect Celia Sinclair.  Interestingly enough there is another Celia as well who works as a sort of anchor for the Vixel of Niholia, keeping him stable most of the time.  Back to the VIxel of the DSC.  Vixel is much like most victims of forced transformation only his was caused by a… let’s say temporal anomaly.  It has been speculated that the Hierarchy has been around for an estimated 800 years but my studies of Vixel’s scales show that he is around 1200 years old, around the same time when Dragons were at their peak of power.  I conclude from this that Vixel was a part of either a prototype set of transformation stones or that somehow a stone made its way into his possession through some form of anomaly in the time continuum.  Either way, he has lived longer than most modern Dragons get to dream about.

    The last golden nugget of knowledge I managed to procure regarding Vixel is the method in which you kill him.  Or rather the Vixel of Niholia.  From what information I have garnered over the years as his apprentice there at least three methods to kill him with.  One; Roses.  I can feel the skepticism through the pages so I’ll explain.  Vixel of Niholia has a fascination with roses and has one on his person at all times.  Sometimes he would prick his finger with a thorn and it would draw blood.  I believe that someone were to use weapon dipped in rose nectar it might have an effect though I cannot prove this.

    Another method is ripping his wings from his back.  Vixel has often off-handedly said that a God is nothing without pride and I can think of no greater pride of his than his wings.  This method is not suggested however as it is immensely difficult to even chain him let alone capture him.

    Finally there’s the most direct method, using his choice weapon against him.  The Blade of Devastation is a weapon that diminishes the will of the wielder in order to keep common riffraff from using it.  In short it has a mind of its own and will actively seek to overpower the wielder’s will and force them to commit suicide.  If one can overcome this they can then use it to kill Vixel.  Before warned however, the Blade won’t stop trying to kill you for a moment.

    In hindsight it would appear that I have been allowed to write this rather than in secrecy.  My master would never have allowed a document like this to become complete if he knew of its existence so the only reason these pages aren’t stained with my blood is most likely because he wants you to read this.  If anybody seeks to copy this, please, I beg of you, do not allow unauthorized personnel to use it.  I assume that the DSC will be the ones to obtain these notes and if so then let no one outside the DSC know of these words.  If you do then all I can say is what imbeciles you all are.

    May the Serpent twist out of existence as he clenches his tail.



Nothing and Everything
FYI, I refer to anything that has a soul yet isn't human as a Sentient as do my characters.  Just to clarify.

You can think of this as a Christmas gift if you want.
    I am currently typing these words to you wonderful people on my new computer, a HP Pavilion x360. And it is awesome! Touch screen, Skype, fantastic processing speed, this baby has it all. To top it off, I can FINALLY get to work on the Neo Terra Project. My dad's old computer died so he got a new one (a bigger version of this one) that he wouldn't let me touch with a ten yard stick. Now I have my own so I can get to work.

    As stated, I hope you all have a very, merry Christmas. Or Kawanza or whatever, I don't know.

                                                                                                                                                       -Sincerely, Vixel
So after a long series of thinking, working, jumping off cliffs and trying to be funny for my watchers but just coming off as awkward, I have come up with a project that will most likely get me back into thinking mode. (Probably not.) This Project will be thusly named, Project Neo Terra because title.

The goal of this project to is reestablish and renew some old ideas and make them work. Basically I will be telling the history of my world, characters, and their many different forms. What do I mean by this? Well, Torkos will most likely throw a keyboard at me for this but I think there might actually be two versions of my representative character Vixel. What I mean is that the Vixel in my stories is different from the Vixel I envision in the Dragon Shadow Council.

Thus the inspiration of this project. I will be writing about the ins and outs of Niholia, the differences between Vixel DSC and Vixel OC, and the ways both pores can fit together. In short, a glorified explanation of why one Vixel is a certified d*** and the other is certifiably insane.

Hopefully, with time and a ton of focus, I can get this done. Also, this might lead to me reworking Wingless Angel to fit the lore. I can already see some red dots pointed at me so I'll end here.

                                                                                   -Sincerely, Vixel.
Saw this on Torkos' page and decided I would give it a shot.

Name: Vixel Spessemper

[ ] Your dragon's name has a special meaning. (Well, it does sorta have a meaning but it's more of secret code then anything. Does that count?)
[] He/She was named after something or someone. [Sun, River, Moon, etc.]
[x] His/Her name is very unusual. 
[ ] His/Her name is a japanese word for an object. [A word for star, moon, light, dark, etc.]
[ ] Your dragon's name is a combination of his/her parents' names.
[x] He/She is called by a nickname. (Not many of them are good.)

[ ] You use another dragon to describe yours. 
[] He/She is beautiful, handsom, or sexy. (Only the very delusional find him handsome.)
[] Your dragon has a really nice figure. (If Jack Skellington had flesh, he'd be my character.)
[x] He/She can eat as much as they want and still won't gain any weight. (Food is an unnecessary factor when you live as long as him.)
[ ] Is loved by others [either to be lovers of just friends] because of his/her beauty. (No.
[ ] Others are jealous of his/her beauty.
[] Your dragon looks like he/she should be anorexic, but really isn't.
[x] Has an unusual, natural eye color. [Red, purple, yellow, etc.]
[] His/Her eyes can change form. [Slitted, pupilless, etc.] (Though he can use illusions very well. Halloween anyone?)
[ ] His/Her eyes can change color. 
[] Has an unusual, natural hair color.
[ ] Your dragon's hair can change colors.
[] Your dragon can can change forms. [Dark sides, corrupted forms, etc.] 
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mark a box for each form they have.
[x] Your dragon has a scar with a meaning behind it. (One particular on the wrist. Long story short, suicide doesn't work.)
[ ] Has a certain peice of jewelry that they never take off. (Vixel: Mortal sentiment is so droll. Such objects are pointless and tiresome.)
[] Your dragon has weird/unusual markings.
[] Parts of his/her body can glow. (I don't think his eyes reflecting light counts)

[] Has more than 5 elements.
[ ] At least one of his/her elements are ones you made up. [Love, steel, music, etc.] 
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Check each box for each element you made up. 
[] His/Her element does not has a limit on how much they use.
[x] His/Her element is one that is feared by others. (The power of the Abyss, the emptiness of reality. Yeah, I would be somewhat unnerved.)
[ ] Your dragon has an element that he/she has not discovered yet. (Three thousand years gives one plenty of time to figure out all of one's abilities.)

[] Your dragon has a unique power. [Magic, sixth sense, telekinetic, etc.] (I focus on not having magic to begin with) 
[ ] That unique power is feared by others.
[] He/She has a healing power of some sort. (The last time he tried to heal a forest of trees caught on fire. Sorry California.)
[ ] He/She can heal anyone from near death. (Again, sorry California )
[ ] Your dragon has a power that he/she has not discovered yet. 
[ ] He/She is or is partially a demon.
[ ] He/She is or is partially an angel. (I'm on the fence with both of these as while he has angelic properties, it was an artificial method that gave it to him. Let me know what you guys think in the comments and I'll adjust accordingly.)
[] Your dragon is stronger than most dragons. ( Vixel may be have trouble dying but he gets his assistant handed to him quite often.)
[ ] He/She likes to fight. (Instigating fights however is a whole different story.)
[ ] Wins most fights they are in. (Again, ass handed to him or he runs. Vixel: Fighting only takes up precious time for directing my next ensemble. [A.K.A., instigating drama.)
[x] Your dragon can take down several others at once. (You kinda have to have those skills in the DSC.)

[] Your dragon is the last of their kind. 
[x] He/She doesn't know their parents.
[x] One of his/her parents are dead. 
[x] Both of his/her parents are dead.
[ ] Your dragon watched one or more of their parents die.
[ ] He/She ran away from home. 
[x] He/She raised themselves.
[ ] Your dragon was raised by the villain. (Can you call sunreth a villain? hes more of an anarchist)
[] He/She escaped from the villain all by themselves. 
[] He/She is the chosen one and must save the world.
[] Your dragon saves the world by themselves. 

Total: 10

Almost underpowered, yet balanced. Just what I want! Perhaps I'm a bit more than that, considering all I do for the Council and the extra roles my character plays compared to everyone else, but that's what you get for being the author. Sue me.

0 - 10 Anti-Sue:
You might want to add a few more features to your dragon so that they aren't too boring.

11 - 20 Balanced Character:
Your dragon has a good amount of features and abilities. They don't have too many so aren't too powerful.

21 - 30 Borderline Mary-Sue:
You should take off a few features from your dragon. You don't want to have a too powerful or attractive character.

30+ Mary-Sue:
You should really think through all of their powers and abilities because your character might really annoy some people. Try not to make your character too beautiful or powerful and maybe come up with an original background if you scored low in that category.
Because I Must KNOW!!
Huh. I totally thought he would be Mary Sue. Apparently not. Any who, if you guys could comment on the so-so categories it'd be helpful.

Sooooooooooooo, long since I've posted anything. Why? Massive hiatus that's why! It has been killing me! Just when I think I'm over it BAM it comes crashing back down. Hopefully I'll be able to write something this weekend. The fact that I'm writing this at all is progress. BTW, next chapter to Albus Cor is on the agenda. Expect that.
    Send me to the salt mines now because I refuse to continue my formal education anymore!  This is more complex than a Rubiks Cube shape like George Washington's dental work.  Good and Holy God end me now!

    Okay, vent over.  If you're curious about my sudden white flagging I just got back from a meeting at the school with my mom about my whole college credit stuff.  I almost lost it when I was told that I need to take COLLEGE level classes to save some money.  Do I have a choice?  No, because if I want to afford a future then I have to take the ACT in June-during summer break no less!-and take duel enrollment classes to afford college proper.  My life now officially sucks and I haven't even lived it yet!

    Kyrie Eleison

                                                                                                                               -Ever a drama queen, Vixel Spessemper


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I am an aspiring writer who thinks pink is EVIL.

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