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    Hello all, how's it going?

    Okay let's cut through the chit-chat and get to the point; I am changing a name.  Particularly the last name of the Spessempers.  Why?  Because I was lazy in making it.  I don't want it to be like that.  I want to use my stories to not only entertain but educate.  There are so many cool things you can learn with just the push.  The meaning of names, mythologies of old, on and on.  So that's why I am changing the name to Toivonen...It's a real name, look it up!

    This means that I also have to change a few things.  Like replacing one name for another.  In every story.  Joy.  Which means I need you to help find all the ones I miss in my stories!  In about an hour after reading this feel free to do so...or not, that's fine too.

                                                                                                                                       Keep safe,
                                                                                                                                         Vixel Toivonen
I got hit by a red firetruck.  Thanks.

    Instructions:List as many relatable emotions you feel but can't explain from the website.
Count how many emotions you related to. That's how many people you will tag.

Only choose the emotions that relate to you/have happened to you, not your friends, family, etc.
You may edit this later on if you wish.
  1. Énouement: The bittersweetness of having arrived in the future, seeing how things turn out, but not being able to tell your past self.
  2. Vellichor: The strange wistfulness of used bookshops.
  3. Jouska: A hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head.
  4. Chrysalism: The amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thund
  5. Kuebiko: A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence.
  6. Lachesism: The desire to be struck by disaster – to survive a plane crash, or to lose everything in a fire.
  7. Exulansis: The tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it.
  8. Rückkehrunruhe: The feeling of returning home after an immersive trip only to find it fading rapidly from your awareness.
  9. Occhiolism: The awareness of the smallness of your perspective.

    That second one is the only one I'm sure of.
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    Don't bother following this tag, you'll just get a migraine.
    You know that feeling you get when you feel like you've reached some sort of event horizon and finally crossed over to the other side?  Only to find that all that satisfaction you're supposed to feel was replaced with endless hormones?  Yeah, I think I finally got past that.  Maybe.  Probably not.

    Anyways, the point is that I have looked back at my writing and have seen a massive change.  It first started with an idea and a whole lot of plagiarizing.  Like, a truck load of it.  When the first words struck the screen I couldn't have been happier.  I had always jumped from one interest to the other before then.  "I want to be a chef!" led to, "I want to be a game designer!"  Neither stuck and I felt that I was destined to never fit into any kind of productive equation.  Then school.

    Most would say they were awkward when they first went to school.  I was.  Most would say school was a cesspool of annoyance and social pressures.  The former more than the latter.  But for me, school was where books came into the my life.  Oh my blessed God, I love reading.  I have read over eight dozen books I think and I still can't get enough of them.  This was the snowball in my life.

    I wrote with glee and naivete and it was great.  Never had I felt so complete.  I'd found my passion, my drive, my inspiration.  It was bliss of unparalleled compare.  Then things happened.  Slowly but surely I grew out of childish writings and decided to make more mature stories.  Less relying on existing works and more my own stuff.  No I did not write fanfiction but I have dabbled.  It's awful.

    It didn't take long to find DeviantArt.  It was my olive branch to land on and enjoy.  I've met some supremely awesome and funny people.  A demon-dragon who can't keep a working laptop to save his life.  A spastic nutcase with two accounts.  A doctor who got his degree out of a CrackerJack box.  All great and wonderful people with fun and exciting stories to tell.  The more people I met the more I realized what a person was.  Characters who once were flat as bored became real.  They felt real.  Ivan is my voice of reason.  Lucy is my generous half.  Vixel my mischievous and crazy side.  All of them broke these chains and became so much more.  My writing grew with my acquaintances who turned into friends.

    So why say this?  Nostalgia got me or something?  Kinda.  I realized that I have changed a lot since point A of my literary journey and I haven't even reached point B!  So here's what I'm trying to say.  Thank you all so much.  You all have been the best and I wouldn't be anywhere without you all.  Thank you a thousand times over and over.  Thank you with cherries and ice cream and chocolate.  Thank you.

    Memento mori.  Remember you will die, but don't forget to live.

                                                                                                                                        -Vixel Spessemper
Tagged by :iconthwackcrackers: , you glorious nimrod you.


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Ten Facts About Me

1. I have six plush toys on my shelf right now.  I will never let go. :p

2. I'm a hopeless romantic.  Meaning I will most likely put read a romance story in hopes of finding a good one.  I'll tell you when I do.

3. I'm a addicted to music.  No, really.  I once went a whole day without listening to a note of music.  It didn't work out well.

4. I have a stack of Sonic the Hedgehog comics in my room.  They're gifts from a friend and I genuinely enjoy them. Always have, always will.

5. I accept all money in multiples of seven.  They're having a giant sale one Amazon for books!

6. I have bouts of self-deprecating paranoia whenever I get spooked.  I are weird. O_o

7. I will forever avoid How To Train Your Dragon and Avatar thanks to my younger brother.  No one needs to see those movies as many time as I have. D:

8. If you want to get me to love you forever, buy me a bookcase. PLEASE!!!

9. I adore all kinds of fairy tales and mythologies.  Can ya tell?

10. Everyone gives me the stuff they don't want anymore in my family.  Hoarder or no?

Questions Asked by thwackhead

What is your favorite historical period, and why? (any time before you were born)
The Elizabethan Era because Shakespeare.

If you could be the personal assistant/protege to any writer, who would it be?
Daniel Handler, or as he's better known, Lemony Snicket

If you could have any extant animal as your sentient and telepathic familiar/sidekick/best friend, what would it be?
None, because animals hate me and I hate animals. (In all seriousness, cat.)

You are a prison inmate, and you've been sent to solitary confinement for 12 weeks... who is your imaginary friend?
Louis von Starker, an annoying little numbskull who desires copious amounts of rubber tires for his car that always breaks down...

What is your favorite cold beverage?
RCQ Exotic.  That stuff was my ambrosia. 

Favorite myth, fable, fairy tale, or religious story?
The Greek Legend of Icarus.

In what manner did the first main character you've ever killed off die?


Which fictional villain (none of your own originals) do you think is (most) justified in doing the evil things that they do?
Uhhh...Lisette from Bewitching.  This book has a cool twist on the Cinderella fairy tale and no one is really the villain in the story.  Yeah, Lisette is a grade-A b***h but you understand why she does what she does.

How did you pick your DA username?
I make da funny word.

If you could master any accent (not the language, just the accent), which would it be?
Russian.  All Russian accents are badass.

Who I tag




May thy suffering be immense, and thy tribulations be made of butter.

               Wind howled through the night as the cries of the cicada rose to her ears.  Up, up she looked to the night sky, her own eye sparkling back at them.  Breath filled her lungs and a smile of malevolent intent stretched her features, contorting them into a sinister topography.  A terrible night this was indeed, for the moon was new and the forest below thick with leaves of the summer season.  A terrible night this would be for all who travel; her unassuming prey.


                Swift and swooping, she flew high into the sky, no more visible than the wind that carried her to her prey.  Lovely sounds drifted up to her; the snap of fallen branches, the soft murmuring of living things, and the enticing sound of the heartbeat of those fearful fools.  The night was her’s and she wouldn’t share it with such fragile and foolish ones in a million years.  No, this night would be her’s and they would know it in their final moments as their screams joined the wind.


                And their screams did indeed fly high up from the forest, escaping from the agony that made them and into the oblivion that they would share.  The earth squelched in satisfaction as the crimson liquid fed the ground and all that grew in it.  Many a scavenger would feast on what was left and their remains would fade away as quickly as she did.  She had done well to teach those flighty fools a lesson that they won’t forget.  Then again, they wouldn’t live to learn from it now would they?


                Once more the air carried her to her home with a meal in her belly and claws.  There in the great and vast caves were many of her children waiting to be feed by their mother.  Their mother feed them well, taught them well and protected them with the fervor of any mother.  She was their mama, their mistress, their greatest and only joy to know in this world that was so wrought full of fools.  Soon they too would hunt like their mother and the elder sons and daughters she had mothered before them.  The world would fear them and know them as monsters, as they should be known.  The mother would lead them through the lands to destroy the fools and raze all in fire.  Mother would be the undoing of the world of fools.  Mother would make a world where her children could hunt forever and ever.  Mother would destroy the rodents and insects that crawled throughout her garden.  Mother would feed them, mother would guide them, and mother would love them.  Mother will be there always.  Always.


                Light fell through the trees touching the moist ground that squished like a sponge under one’s feet.  It was quite a nice and warm morning, typical of a mid-summer day.  What wasn’t typical were the two traveling under the woods protection.


                “C’mon, just tell me where you got it.”  A whine much like a little pup came from the boy’s mouth.  He jumped and bounced around the path, never following it directly.


                A giggle both sinister and soft replied.  “I’ll show you later if, and only if, you’re good today.”  Her steps fell in time with a rhythm in her head, never once step from the path.


                The boy imitated a bird in pitch as he meandered on.  “You’re no fun anymore!  We used play all the time and now we have to deal with these softies.”  His head snapped up to the sound of a songbird tweeting sweetly.  With inhuman agility and strength, the bird was snatched up in his clawed hands, the branch not having even shaking from the sudden movement.  His eyes sparkled with hunger as he gaped at the snack.


                “Aviram!”  His head once more snapped back to the ground below where she stood with an annoyed look.  “Didn’t you say that you were full earlier?”


                Aviram wiped the drool from his mouth but held onto the bird, now dead from shear fright.  “If you would just sha-”  A hollow thwack silenced his whine fest.  The red fruit now completely ruined lay in rotten shambles on the ground.


                She walked over with a greatly angered look in her eyes.  “Drop the bird.  We haven’t the time for this foolishness.”  Aviram snorted and threw the dead bird so hard it was no longer recognizable as a bird.  He hopped down to the ground with a grumbling sound coming deep from his throat.  The sister knelt down and picked up what was salvageable of the fruit and resumed eating.  “Enough of this pouting, you need to appear somewhat dignified at least.”  She once more followed the dirt path to her destination.  “We shan’t be any less than royalty to these fools.”


                The grumbles faded from Aviram’s throat as he once more meandered behind his sister.  The destination they were walking to was the village called Haven.  Haven was to these two what a kingdom is to the royalty.  They helped protect the village from any and all dangers that came close in exchange for the villagers to turn a blind eye and be silent to the real rulers of the realm.  They were Aviram, a most gluttonous and deceitful boy, and Cerdwin, a woman who was as vile as they came.  Of course, no one said these words in their presence.  Anyone who meets them would feel their monstrosity even though they appeared largely human.  It was the same instinct that told one when they were being watched or when danger was close.  It was built into all living things to revile them both for as long as they drew breath.


                In the village was a small gathering of various goods that cost a small fortune to acquire.  Within the pile were many silks of as many colors that could be afforded, blades and weapons not so sharp, along with a great abundance of rare herbs of all sorts.  People milled about it but none touched it.  It wasn’t theirs and anyone who touched it would lose that half.  Maybe both halves for good measure.


                Those waiting talked and muttered in voices of ill-intent.  “Maybe if we…” or “Just a little…” were often the prelude to their murderous machinations but all were inadequate, even if they had the courage to go through with it.  These thoughts intensified as the two in question approached.  Cerdwin spread her arms wide in greeting as if to hold the immense praise and adoration she deserved in her arms like a child.  “Good morning, our dear and loyal subjects!”


                Aviram hid behind his sister in her shadow where he knew the ground well.  No one looked at him when he was there.  His sister soaked the sunlight so much better than he.  It hurt him sometimes, especially when it was ‘hot’ outside.  The humans always ran away from the rain and the sun didn’t hurt then.  He liked those days the most because he could stay with Cerdwin back home.  Cerdwin didn’t like the rain either, like the humans.  But Cerdwin was better than the humans.  Female humans could only birth in nine month intervals while Cerdwin could birth daily.  Humans valued companionship and love above all else and she had plenty of that.  Cerdwin was better than human female by a mile!


                Aviram was snapped out of his reverie at his sister’s touch.  “Aviram could you please run off elsewhere darling?  This matter is for adults.”  He snarled at that word.  She never let him stay when ‘adult’ matters came up.  He hated adults for that.  Their petty problems took his sister from him for moments and he remembered every moment of every day.  A single second without her was agony but he obeyed.  Off he went to find a snack.


                “He is so airy sometimes.”  She said dotingly.  The smile disappeared as she turned back to her subjects.  “So what is this about a new family?”  The crowd shifted as it thought how to word it right.  “Well, you see-” “It’s quite complicated-” “The aunt or some other died and-” “Left them some land here-” “And they say they’ll stay here-” “I-in-indefinitely.”  Cerdwin took a deep breath and the crowd swayed back in anticipation.  When blood remained in their bodies, they the tension fell.  “I shall greet these fools myself.  None shall speak of me or my brother lest I give them permission, understood.”  Nods.  “Good.  Now get this all on carts and send it up.”  She grabbed a swatch of deep red silk and unrolled it.  Once unrolled she wrapped it around her like a shawl, appearing much richer than before.


                Cerdwin felt a feeling pass through her as she found the house.  It was a feeling she got many times before but this time stronger.  A grin stretched across her face.  Apparently they had brought a suitable mate with them.  Already they had curried a great deal of her favor.  She would remember this when they asked something of her.  Cerdwin knocked on the door with soft hand, thinking of who it could be that was exuding that exquisite scent.  The door opened and her heart skipped in excitement.


                “Hello?  Can I help you?”  The man had a softness to his features which was good.  He hadn’t aged too much and was still naïve enough to be hers.  Good.  Being on the tail-end of puberty also helped as it meant he still lacked proper self-control, also good. He was a working man if those hands were any indication and was somewhat well off if his cloths were any indicator.  Perfect.  He do very well.


                Cerdwin flashed a dainty smile of one who had a young heart.  “My name is Amelia and I just wanted to say hello.  It’s not often we get people who come by.  I-I mean ones who stay.  Well most do stay but not long.”  She slapped her head in embarrassment for extra effect.  “Sorry, sorry, I just don’t get to talk to people a lot with my family and all.”  Men, mortal men especially, were suckers for women who couldn’t keep a straight conversation for some reason.  It was as demeaning as it was effective.


                He laughed at her and she felt the urge to rip his tongue out for it.  “No need to apologize.  I don’t talk with others often either.  You mentioned your family being secretive.  Are they like nobles or something?”  She smirked inwardly and giggled outwardly.  Men loved the forbidden fruit the most.  “Something like that.”

Return To Heaven Ch.1
Guess who?

Monsters, characters, backstory, oh my! (FYI, I love The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)
    Hello all, how's it going?

    Okay let's cut through the chit-chat and get to the point; I am changing a name.  Particularly the last name of the Spessempers.  Why?  Because I was lazy in making it.  I don't want it to be like that.  I want to use my stories to not only entertain but educate.  There are so many cool things you can learn with just the push.  The meaning of names, mythologies of old, on and on.  So that's why I am changing the name to Toivonen...It's a real name, look it up!

    This means that I also have to change a few things.  Like replacing one name for another.  In every story.  Joy.  Which means I need you to help find all the ones I miss in my stories!  In about an hour after reading this feel free to do so...or not, that's fine too.

                                                                                                                                       Keep safe,
                                                                                                                                         Vixel Toivonen


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Vixel Spessemper
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I am an aspiring writer who thinks pink is EVIL.

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